Datacolor Spyder4TV HD電視螢幕校色器(視聽組)(Spyder4TV)
Datacolor Spyder4TV HD電視螢幕校色器(視聽組)




Spyder 4 TV HD讓用戶可以優化等離子、RPTV、DLP、液晶、CRT以及投影儀的顯示效果。

通過將螢幕的亮度、對比度、色彩、色調和色溫調整至最佳設置,使得螢幕的使用 壽命得以延長,能耗降低。校準後的螢幕能夠呈現更加精准的色彩和逼真的膚色, 暗部和高亮細節更為清晰。

View in true colors

Many of us have invested in a high-quality television with the hope that we will receive an accurate and enjoyable viewing experience, yet many television screens purchased are set in a way that won’t provide the optimum performance they were built to display. The reason is that the default settings for your TV are set by the manufacturer to make the most impact in the retail store, not necessarily in your living room. Spyder4TV HD™ is designed to calibrate and make adjustments to the brightness, contrast, color, tint and color temperature in order to create accurate colors for the home environment, all with an easy-to-use software program.

With the growing popularity of Blu-ray disc, DVD movies and HDTV programs that are available today, the digital images on your TV can look better than ever before. The Spyder4TV HD will measure the current settings of your TV and provide adjustments to bring the screen up to optimum viewing levels – all for less than half the cost of a calibration service from one of those big-box retail stores.

So don’t rely on your TV’s factory settings and don’t guess at what the correct settings should be. Take control of your home theater experience and you’ll be amazed at the improved level of performance you can achieve with a Spyder4TV HD calibration. View the world in true colors!

有了Spyder 4 TV HD,我不需要猜測怎樣設置螢幕的亮度、飽和度、對比度或其他參 數才能達到最佳效果。作為一個專業攝影師,好的色彩效果尤為重要,如果我在家 庭影院上投入了2000美元,我希望我能看到最佳的影像效果。有了 Spyder 4 TV HD,我知道一切都有了保障。


■Blu-ray or DVD player
■Remote controls for your TV and Blu-ray or DVD player
■Desktop PC/Laptop near your TV?(Windows XP 32/64, Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64, Mac OSX ? 10.4 and higher)
■1 available USB port
■Computer: 256 MB of free RAM, 100 MB Free Drive Space / Video Card: 1024×768 resolution, 24 bpp color (16.7 million colors)


■Spyder4TV HD™ Colorimeter
■Spyder Web attachment
■Spyder4TV HD™ Software CD
■Spyder4TV HD™ Blu-ray Test Pattern disc
■Spyder4TV HD™ Test Pattern DVD (NTSC & PAL)
■Quick Start Guide in 10 languages

關於Spyder 4 TV HD

Datacolor Spyder 4 TV HD簡單易用,能夠對所有類型的電視機螢幕的顯示效果 進行優化,讓用戶觀賞到帶來導演想要的影像質量。Spyder 4 TV HD?進行色彩校準時節 省能源消耗,同時還可以延長螢幕的使用壽命。Spyder 4 TV HD能夠計算螢幕亮度、對 比度、顏色、色調和溫度等調整的詳細資料,同時使用起來又非常簡單。不要指望 電視機的出廠設置,也不要胡亂猜測怎樣設置效果最佳。牢牢掌控家庭影院視覺體 驗,您會為校準後影像鮮活的色彩感到驚歎不已。

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