Anton/Bauer廣播級Digital 90 V-Mount數位電池(Digital 90 V-Mount Battery)
Anton/Bauer廣播級Digital 90 V-Mount數位電池

V-Mount A/B電池領導廠商 LCD容量顯示

美國製 公司貨 PowerTap接頭

適用於所有V-Mount 廣播級專業攝影機、攝影燈、監視器

The Digital Battery Series is designed to power contemporary digital productions and offers world-class levels of safety, performance and reliability in a sleek, ergonomic design

Truly Digital: Designed to limit the high frequency “ringing” produced by digital equipment on start up.
Easy to Read LCD Display: Conveniently reports run-time in hours and minutes when attached to a device. The display automatically changes to show battery charge as a percentage of full when not attached to a device or when no load is placed on the battery.

Ergonomic Design: Easy to hold, rubber over mold helps grip and cushions shock.
Electrically and Mechanically Safe: Multiple sensors detect temperature and over-current states making these the safest batteries on the market. Updated “honeycomb” design provides mechanical separation between each cell in the pack to allow for airflow and to isolate cells from potential cascading damage.



Mount: V-Mount
Chemistry: Lithium-ion
Warranty: MAXX II - Two year conditional warranty
Voltage: 14.4 volts
Watt Hour: 93 WH
Wattage: 89 w/h
Camera interface: V-Mount
Size: 6.86 x 16.51 x 11.18 cm
Weight: 1.1 kg
PowerTap®: Yes





Anton Bauer是全球性廣播電視電影產業專業電池、充電器、照明和移動電源系統的主要供應商,提供世界級的客戶服務與頂級的專業支援。

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