William Optics原廠Field Flattener for FLT (110 & 132) 週邊配件(Field Flattener for FLT (110 & 132))
William Optics原廠Field Flattener for FLT (110 & 132) 週邊配件

This high-quality flattener has been engineered and CNC machined for usage with our FLT-110 & FLT-132 APO refractor. Designed by leading designer Thomas Back for our FLT line, it will yield amazing results!
It's a must-have item for avid astroimagers.

• Triplet design lens will not degrade the performance of your FLT.
• Suitable for both the FLT-110 TEC version and the FLT-110 version.

Camera Adapters
• 35mm SLR Camera adapter and CCD camera adapter INCLUDED in the price!

35mm Cameras
• Ideal for 35mm film/full-size chips/large CCD cameras.

• It will flatten the field amazingly well and and finally make you see those stars round!



The clear aperture of lens is 68 mm
Weight: 620g


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