William-Optics原廠2" 45°正像菱鏡


Another beautiful product exclusively from WO.

This 2" 45 deg. erecting prism will scream to be used with that nice premium refractor of yours! Perfect for daytime observations too.

No further description is needed: just check it out!

Precision Prism
• Image erecting BAK4 prism with anti-reflection coating.
• High accuracy and high light reflection prism.
• Brass compression ring.

Superior Craftsmanship
• Internally matte blackened and threaded for no internal stray light reflection.
• Threaded for 2" filters.

Ready to Go
• 1.25" adapter with brass compression ring included.
• Large, chromed thumbscrews.

Beautiful Finish
• Entirely aluminum, black anodized.
• Smooth finish.


Prism High quality BAK4 with new FMC coating
Materials Entirely machined aluminum
Angle 45 degree
Prism clear aperture 31mm
  2"-1.25" adapter with brass compression rings
Weight 400g
  *Design for heavy loading with binoviewer.



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